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Special Offer

“Watch this space for future special offers!”

Conferences/Training Venue

●  For conferences, training, seminars or workshops we offer a private, tranquil ambiance to allow the group to focus as a unit but also allowing break away sessions outside.

●  The Conference hall can seat up to 40 delegates and our staff will ensure the event is a great success.

●  Our coordinator is available to provide information on rates and special packages to create an event to suit your specific needs.

Packages include the following:

     ●  Venue hire

     ●  Arrival tea/coffee/pastries

     ●  Bottled water& mints

     ●  2 x tea/coffee break with biscuits

     ●  Lunch

     ●  Flipchart

     ●  Screen

Upcoming Events

Ambiance provides a festive yet elegant setting for hosting expo’s, public workshops and formal ceremonies. See pics below of events hosted to date. 

If you want to be notified of workshops or expo’s happening at Ambiance, Whatsapp “Add me to Ambiance notification list” and your name to our cellphone number.

Frilly Lilly Expo  3 December  2017

20171203 FrillyLilly expoinvite_v1

Live your Best Life Series of Talks and Workshops

Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be Great!

Marianne Williamson

The Live your Best Life series of workshops starts you on a path to discover and live your truth and bring your unique gift. You are meant to shine, let us show you how!

If you are ready to unlock you Being Great and Living your Best life, enquire about the “Live Your Best Life” workshop Series offered at Ambiance Lifestyle Venue

Presented by Gadija Salie

Master ILS Coach, Enneagram coach, Louise Hay certified trainer, International Coaching Federation member

Introductory talk: Living your Best Life 

Join us for a free ‘no obligation’ talk on what it means to “Live your Best Life”

In this talk we cover:

●  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping.

○  Introduction of EFT Tapping tooland a demo on how it moves you from a stressed emotional state of eg anxiety, anger to calm in a matter of minutes. 

○  Free gift: aEFT tapping tool do-it-yourself cheat sheet for you to use whenever you are in a stressed emotional state 

●  Louise Hay Heal your Body, Heal your Life.

○  Introduce Louise Hay approach on how our body ailments are showing us where  we need to love ourselves and how to use this knowledge to heal our body and our lives. 

○  Free gift: Louise Hay list of affirmations and how to use it to start healing your body

●  Cost: Free

●  Whatsapp to 082 926 0733 to enroll for the next session

Workshop 1: Tools to cope with stress, anxiety, pain  

This is the 1st in a series that starts you on a journey to Live your Best Life

In this session you learn and practice competence in life coping tools

You will apply tools to a specific challenge identified in your life and practice how to neutralize this challenge or at least get started in turning it around.

A happy and successful life is not one without challenges

A happy and peaceful life is where we can find the gift each challenge brings and use it to our advantage.

If you practice these tools and make them part of your life, you are setting up the physical, spiritual and emotional spaceto Live your best life

Cost: R300 per person

Whatsapp 082 926 0733 if you are interested in attending the next session


Ambiance Past Events

August 2017 Frilly Lilly Market Day

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Gadija Salie - Ambi Front_Event_FrillyLMrkt4

May 2017: Mizan Institute Student event

Gadija Salie - Ambi Front_Event_Mizan1
Gadija Salie - Ambi Front_Event_Mizan3
Gadija Salie - Ambi Front_Event_Mizan2
Gadija Salie - Ambi Front_Event_Mizan4

April 2017: Heart of a Muslim Woman

Gadija Salie - Ambi Front_Event 170401 reference
Gadija Salie - Ambi Front_Event 170401 Pics