Kiddies Parties

Our colourful kiddies party venue offers a vibrant children’s wonderland to delight and keep the little ones entertained.

Why Ambiance Kiddies

1. A secure venue where you host your guests to a private party to enjoy to your hearts content

2. We offer 3 hour time slots with access to multiple activities, all included in the price

3. Afternoon slots can pay for extra hours especially in summer

4. Many clients return year after year to host an entertaining event for their children.

5. Cost per hour and not per head so you can invite parents, aunts and uncles

6. You do your own catering so you can cater according to your budge or collaborate with family and friends

7. You even Décor to your budget

8. Value for money- it works out cheaper than hiring the individual equipment items and then still dirtying your house

9. With more than 100s of parties under our belt, our experienced team is on hand to make sure your children’s birthday party proceeds with as much enjoyment for your child and your guests

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First up, a huge  THANK YOU for the use of your facility yesterday.  Wow!  What a gem you have there, Rashieda!  The children had an absolute ball of a time.  I have to say that  for the time of the year, we took a major risk, given that its outside play.


So the tent was just perfect…  Thank you so much for investing in this structure – it makes a big difference,  so it was a brilliant move on your part, especially for the winter babies.


The party room is a good size for the number of kids that you can accommodate.  The fold up tables provided for adults snacks were more than adequate and there was enough space for platters, and a coffee station in the corner.  The only thing I missed was a bit of light in the one corner where the snacks and coffee was set up.  Maybe a window  or another light fitting will help with that on dull days.  It wasn’t dark – we could obviously see what we were doing –  I’m just saying a little more light would be nice in that left hand corner.


The ablutions facility was  clean and tastefully tiled.  Thanks for providing toilet paper – I actually brought a few rolls along just in case, but I forgot the liquid soap at home!


Overall, a very successful party, enjoyed by all.  The venue blew some peoples minds as they actually had no idea it existed…the truth is Ambiance is a fantastic venue, and people need to know about it.  And for what you offer it is well worth the price – because I dont know of another place in Cape Town or in the southern suburbs that offers a 4hr slot, where you can self-cater to your hearts content, and even braai, and the kids are safe and secure, and its completely private.  Let me just say – this was our 5th  birthday party that we hosted, and by far the easiest in terms of everything because of the venue.  Ok, weather aside, we were just lucky it cleared up…. but honestly, no hassles, no complications, no fuss, no stress,  just smooth sailing all the way – we loved it, the kids love it… and yes, there were tears at the end, one child bawled her eyes out when it was home time.


Rashieda, from the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU!  … there are quite a few other birthday venues out there  but yours is unique, a gem that needs to shine and stand out for all to see. Ambiance gets my vote, and I will definitely recommend this establishment to friends and family.


Rene July 2017

“… Again shukran so much for all the help with making the event such an overwhelming success. … From my side I will make use of the venue again in a heart beat”. Roeshana July 2017


“Hi Rashieda. The party was really great. The children really had a wonderful time. It was cold but it didn’t bother the children. They still had a great time.”  Natasha June 2017


“Wslm, we had an absolutely fantastic time! Shukran.”  Ashieka January 2017


“Shukran for a lovely well maintained venue. The kids had so much fun and your staff was very helpful with assisting us.” Nazley January 2017


“Hi, thank you for a lovely day. Awesome vibe – I will always highly recommend you guys.” Samantha Rippenaar (Her son comes back for his party 2nd year in a row-December 2015 & 2016)


“Wslm Rashiedah, It was an absolute pleasure to have it at your venue…The kids has amazing day. Shukran so much!” Tasneem November 2016


Online Reviews


Cool venue for a kids party – Ziyaad Amlay 3/5 rating April 2016


My daughter was invited to a birthday party that was held at Ambiance and it was super fun. The swings and slides really had her overwhelmed. But she adored the little play house… in all it was a good day. Sakeena Jacobs 4/5 rating March 2016


Family entertainment – Naema Armien 5/5 rating February 2016


Cayla Bowman had her party here and kids had a wonderful time….they had fun for 3 hours and at end of party all kids cried because they did not want to leave..lots of sadness amongst kids. I will suggest this place for any kiddies party  – Debbie Tobias Nienhaus — 5/5 rating August 2016